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Our Model

Strategic Partners

LEA’s operating model focuses on strong partnerships between corporations and the education system to increase the representation of women of color in corporate leadership roles


“It always seems impossible until it's done.”
-Nelson Mandela

Immediate Benefits

School Kids

Participation and access to a new local diverse talent pipeline

Business Team

Hands-on developmental experience for participating Senior Managers and Associates in change leadership, coaching and mentoring

Industrial Engineer

Scorecard to address biases in firm culture, performance management, compensation and career advancement

Students in Cafeteria

Reduce and control selection and retention costs through a culture that attracts and promotes the best diverse talent

Long-Term Benefits
Business Discussion
Culture Changing

Sustainable network and career path for students of color to become managers, directors and equity partners

Business Meeting
Self- Sustaining

Higher equity scores as women negotiate smarter, minimize client costs and successfully win proposals


Larger pool of diverse talent to draw on

Fashion Studio Portrait
Built to Grow

Recruitment, mentoring and professional development strategies targeted to retain and advance marginalized groups

Lea Outcomes: What we can achieve together

Professional Woman

01. Community transformation

LEA gives partners a unique opportunity to help transform marginalized communities by empowering some their most historically overlooked and undervalued members: women of color

LAsting Change

Using focus groups to engage key constituencies in target neighborhoods, LEA's implementation plans are customized from the ground up to ensure improvements are permanent and scalable

Tomorrow's Leaders

Leadership and business skills training enabling associates,
students, teachers and mentors to build startups and present effective, fundable business models while also measuring impact on their communities

Onward and Upward

​Dynamic assessments evaluate and inventory current resources available to fill leadership, management and team functions, providing a way to point to future development planning or remediation.

education Reform

Focused on integrating STEM learning, leadership and business skills for women and girls of color, our custom curriculum is based on three core learning strategies:

Construction Manager
STEM Content
  • Digital learning platform (e.g., KnowAtom)

  • Career path development

  • Certification for fluency

Business Understanding
  • Development and launch of small business start ups for Phase II participants

  • College/university student apprenticeship program at participating firms

Leadership/Interpersonal Skills
  • Mentoring skills for participating firm's senior managers in Phase I

  • Coaching/mentoring and team leadership skills for New Associates in Phase II

  • Coaching/mentoring skills for college/university students in Phase III

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