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Our process

Part I. Develop Interns into leadership associates

LEA provides an education and leadership development path for women from marginalized communities. Our approach is focused around five core principles: 



Start early

Our Candidates developmental journey begins in middle school and continues through high school, university and then with corporate internships that help students complete certification in a STEM proficiency career path.


Accelerated Learning

We provide an opportunity for

marginalized women to become thought leaders in their communities in half the time and at two-thirds the cost of traditional education methods.


Professional Development

LEA integrates STEM learning with leadership and business skills to enable candidates to start thriving companies in their respective communities.


Real-world guidance

Established education organizations with proven models for marginalized communities partner with LEA, while financial service firms sponsor and mentor students to ensure their community start-up businesses are profitable and self-sustaining.


Personal and Community Growth

Successful candidates change their own lives and help reinvent marginalized communities by guiding others on their own journeys in high-growth industries and emerging markets. Healthcare Equity is a game changer, in allowing access to the best Healthcare resources outside their communities.

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Part II. Community Renewal and Collaboration
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LEA stimulates economic growth through executive placements that lead to revitalizing disadvantaged communities and fostering Health Equitywe

OUr communities are:



We bring adaptive, high impact education to local and national levels while also being attentive to historical community nuances. Access to leading Healthcare is crucial in advancing community development.



Our community thought leaders, business owners, and skilled executives will be qualified to take top jobs



We've trailblazed a sustainable path for women to become leaders in STEM-related industries, with a focus on their being able to champion export business startups

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Part III. Business startups used to renew marginalized communities

We match high-performing executives with high-potential students, providing invaluable guidance in areas such as developing and financing a sustainable export business product or service.


Startup ideas are first tied to financial rewards as part of certifications in finance, engineering, technology and then articulated in career pathways for Associates, university, and high-school students.

Start Ups
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Part IV. a socially inclusive network of DIVERSE women advancing into senior leadership Roles

LEA is building a diverse talent ecosystem with professional relationships. Our outcomes include:


exponential Growth

​Our network feeds itself, offering a self-sustaining pathway for a set of diverse female students of color to become managers, directors and equity partners

Long-term benefits

Higher equity scores as women negotiate smarter, minimize client costs and successfully win proposals

Strategic Expansion

Recruitment, mentoring, health equity and access, and professional development strategies target, retain, and advance marginalized groups


LEA creates a larger pool of diverse talent for all companies and industries to draw from

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