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L&D Futurist and DEI Transformation Advocate
The Agile Learning Organization

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Jim walb

For over three decades, Jim has guided Wall Street’s largest firms through digital disruption, market recessions, and political change. As a hands-on senior executive advisor, he works directly with C-level leadership and board members to achieve their shift to customer obsession, defining a customer experience aligned with the brand promise, providing customer insights to inform the business strategy, leading digital transformation efforts, and recognizing technology's impact on customers and the business. Central to Jim’s focus is an unwavering commitment to shape and implement client solutions that maintain competitive advantage and operational efficiencies—both here in the Americas and around the globe.

Jim Walb



While COO at E&Y, Jim took the mantel of Chair at UNICEF New York Metropolitan Chapter under advisement of the US Committee for UNICEF. During his 3 terms, he reorganized the board to be better aligned to the mission of the US Committee and initiated a Corporate Giving program that exceeded all other funding sources. Jim is a co-founder of the Leadership Equality Academy, and board member Treasurer Head of the Finance Committee for the not-for-profit Women in Neuroscience (WiN).


His insights on the critical role of adaptive learning in propelling personal growth and change has been instrumental in his search for how people can better integrate with the accelerating transformation of digital ecosystems. His passion for how people can jump start personal learning journeys has brought him an understanding of the essential role of adaptive micro learning technology and platforms that can leapfrog personal learning journeys.

Executive Director & Chief Technology Officer Drug Dynamics Institute
Clinical Professor of Molecular Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
The University of Texas at Austin
Janet C. Walkow, Ph.D.

Janet joined The University of Texas in 2008, building on a successful pharmaceutical industry career, heading efforts ranging from R&D and Human Resources to Global Corporate Strategy. Leading the Drug Dynamic Institute, Janet brings novel approaches and solutions that promote development of health technologies, facilitate bioscience startups, and cultivate interdisciplinary technology readiness and has been named a University of Texas gamechanger.

Jancet C. Walkow



Janet is known in academic circles for developing cutting-edge ways and engaging educational tools. Her successful edX MOOC, Take Your Medicine, has enrolled tens of thousands of students, who explore how new drug therapies are developed. Her successful Innovating for Health program – recently approved as a certificate program - empowers students to be dynamic thinkers who are impacting the health innovation landscape. She was named a University Fellow of the OpEd Project in 2021.


A leader in efforts to empower entrepreneurs and women, Janet’s involvement spans numerous local and global innovation efforts including the Texas Global Health Security, Same Sky, Texas Venture Mentoring Services, and numerous academic, nonprofit, and corporate initiatives. As a Public Voices Fellow and Ambassador for the OpEd Project, Janet gives voice to issues regarding health, education, and women. Her recent Board service include the Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders Foundation (Past Chair), the Health Promotion Council, Women in Neuroscience, and Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Leadership Board.

Licensed Mental Health Professional
Austin Independent School District
Sarah Key, LCSW

Sarah Key, LCSW,  works on the Austin Independent School District's Crisis Response Team while also providing a variety of direct care services to students, families, and staff. Sarah has over 15 years of experience as a school social worker with a focus on social justice and educational equity. She is experienced in holistic practices such as eco-therapy, equine-assisted psychotherapy, and mindfulness. Sarah served as a clinician at Spirit Reins and designed a 15 week long equine-assisted process group for teens in foster care. During the summers she often donates her time to consultation of local therapeutic equine practices. At home, Sarah is developing the minds of her two spirited children, Jack and Nova with adventure and humor and enjoying her husband’s creative endeavors as a local musician/record-label owner.

Sarah Key
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