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How We Work

How We Work

LEA partners with community organizations, offering high-achieving candidates a personalized curriculum that includes STEM Mastery Certification, hands-on professional mentorship, Healthcare access, community development and a path to becoming leaders in three main areas:


“Not everything that is faced can be changed. But nothing can be changed until it is faced.”
-James Baldwin

Three Areas of Focus

Focus Areas
Talent Pipeline

Our Mentors

Pilot in Light Aircraft
A diverse talent pipeline. Professional relationships and networks. Emerging markets.

“The United States has the potential to more than double its annual exports of services annually, creating an additional $800 billion in tradable business services like international law, finance, engineering and information technology. Meeting this potential in new business services would support or create about three million jobs.” -The New York Times

We help business professionals and students embark on long-term mentorship and leadership development of students. International standards, metrics, retention, certifications, promotions, and bonus are linked to academic and business performance and community improvements. 25 Associates, technical mentors and senior managers are selected and trained to support 25 students one on one, for 4-5 hours per week, over 5-7 years. (It takes roughly ten thousand hours of practice to achieve mastery in a field. By age twenty, elite performers average more than 10,000 hours of practice, while less able performers had 4,000 hours of practice.)

Law, Financial Services and Tech companies must have ethical leaders and skilled workers who can manage complex global deals while also mitigating risk and keeping pace with the ever-changing regulatory environment from market to market. Because companies grow organically, firms like JPMorgan Chase need to recruit and train female talent early on the realities of C-suite leadership and advanced product design, trade financing, manufacturing, and supply chain technology.

Our advantages

We change lives and help reinvent marginalized communities by initiating start-ups focused on growth industries and emerging markets.


Financial Services firms will become program sponsors and provide mentors and coaches along with guidance for community start-up businesses


All our partners are exhaustively vetted education organizations with proven models for marginalized communities


Our developmental journey begins in middle school and continues through high school, university, and corporate associates internships, where students work in teams to complete certification in a STEM proficiency career path.


As candidates move through internships and achieve certification, they qualify for leadership roles in the financial firms, as well as pathways to create women owned small businesses in the communities from which they came.


LEA integrates STEM learning with Leadership and Business skills to enable candidates to start business in their respective communities


Our program gives students the opportunity to become thought leaders in their communities in half the time and at two-thirds the cost of traditional education methods.

Candidate Application

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Our Advantages
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