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LearninG Architecture

LEA helps girls use learning and development as levers to prepare them to compete as thought leaders

LEA's customized framework of developmental activities and interventions prepares girls to accomplish entrepreneurial goals. Proven expertise and methods train girls in skills that are transportable across local communities. Coaches and mentors provide a progressive course of nurturing and counsel to empower each girl to create her individual after school career. But first, each girl’s after school career begins with questions:


  • Who is the student being developed? – What are her passions, desires, interests, beliefs and values?

  • What does she need to know, do and believe to succeed? – What academic, career and personal capabilities will help her lead personal, civic, business and political change?

  • How will it be accomplished? – What expertise development programs, apprenticeship rotations, coaching, mentoring and individual or team projects are most appropriate?

Image by Clarke Sanders





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